Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day 9: Priorities

There are at least two of these in St. Andrew's
As an exchange student, there’re an awful lot of things I’m trying to fit into one short year. If there’s one thing that Fresher’s Week, with all its insane busyness, has shown me, it’s that I’m really going to have to decide on what is important to me this year, because I certainly can’t do everything.

Firstly, I want to enjoy St. Andrew’s as a place. It’s an absolutely gorgeous little town, with beautiful beaches, cute shops, and so many picturesque walks. I definitely can’t neglect the sights right here.

Secondly, I have to take advantage of all St. Andrew’s has to offer as a university. There are at least five societies that I’d like to join, and I’m beginning to realize I simply won’t have time to be an active member of them all. The Christian Union (and affiliated CMAD- Christian Music and Drama) takes priority, but there are also the busy Mermaids, who put on numerous theatre shows a year, the Dance Society, Inklight (the writing society), the Gilbert and Sullivan society, and the Doctor Who society. Who knows… this year could even be the perfect year to take up something completely new, like fencing!

Frencing demo this afternoon. Might get to try it myself
on Monday!
Of course, I’d like to have a social life. I’ll probably spend time with most of my friends in society get-togethers, but I assume that as I get to know people better I’ll spend more time with them outside of organized events. The other Bobby Jones scholars, for instance, aren’t in any of the societies that I am, but I imagine that plenty of hangouts will occur.

Then, I want to travel. I want to see more of Scotland, more of the UK, more of Europe… Yes, St. Andrew’s is a wonderful place, but it’s also a stepping stone to so many other wonderful places. Travel may require a fair bit of both time and money, but I’d be stupid to not take advantage of this opportunity to see so many new cities and countries.

Random church-- old building are
EVERYWHERE around here.
Finally, I do actually need to study. I met another exchange student today who’s in the wonderful position of having her courses transfer as pass or fail, so her marks really don’t matter. Unfortunately for me, I’ll have to forward transcripts directly from St. Andrew’s for all my graduate applications, meaning that my marks here have to be good if I’d like a shot at a sizable scholarship for my MA and PhD.

Right now I feel energized and excited for all the possibilities, but soon it’s going to be time to prioritize and to cut down. I’d like to think that I can do everything, but in reality, that’s not an option. Sadly, I’m going to have to pick and choose.

I guess this is a good problem to have. Yes, it’ll be sad to give up certain societies I wanted to join, or places I wanted to go. But, in the end, I’ll be left with just the best of the best.

I’m ready for an unforgettable year.

Not sure if it's socially acceptable to just take photos of people's houses, but it was just so cute!

Little pathway that winds near my house

Flowers growing out of the stone wall

Artsy sunshine

More flowers!

The roofs of St. Andrew's

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  1. I am really enjoying your blog,Rachel. I feel excited by all the possibilities too. You haven't said much about courses, will they be exciting too? My daughter is a great fan of Scotland, and her blog was also very interesting. She didn't have to study, so she was able to travel about. Enjoy it all!, Nancy