Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 13: Photo Walk

St. Andrew's has recently been blessed with some lovely weather. Instead of the torrential rain I was expecting, the past few days have been sunny and gorgeous. So, one of the other exchange students and I decided to take a walk and snap a few photos of some of St. Andrew's sights, notably The Old Course and West Sands, the main beach. Here are some of the best photos I took.

(Disclaimer: I did lightly edit most of the these photos, but only using Windows Photo Viewer, nothing fancy. Also, the edits actually bring the photos closer to reality. So yes, St. Andrew's really is just this beautiful.)

The Castle. That happens to be right across the road from the English building.  
The Castle, with the Castle Sands, which aren't really sands, but close enough.

Ivy is EVERYWHERE. I think it has plans for Scotland-domination.

So many lovely narrow paths between houses, bordered by stone walls. 

The Scottish definitely love their fences. At least they're pretty fences.

The Old Course. And Me. Maybe I'll get to walk on it tomorrow?
(And yes, that is a TARDIS on my shirt. The writing says "You never forget your first Doctor.")

Old Course.

And (wait for it) more Old Course.
(if you said that in the voice of Samwise Gamgee, you earn nerd points)

West Sands, which basically goes on for forever. It actually makes me feel like I should take up jogging.

Rocks. And sand. It's basically home. :)

In case you're getting tired of sand and water, they also have lovely clouds.

If there's a beach, there will be a jumping picture. (Law of the universe no. 42943)

The tip of St. Andrew's

I'd like to imagine that those people are gathering kelp, or something traditional. They're probably just getting wet.

Drawing in the sand. 

Rocks! I'm so excited for rock-scrambling, sometime when I actually have time.
Also: there is seaglass here. Lovely green stuff. I found a bottleneck with a stopper still in it! Pendants are happening.

Another seaside picture, in case you needed more evidence for the gorgeousness of this town.

Steps built into the hill, which I find irresistibly adorable for some reason. 

West Sands bids you farewell. 

I hope that these photos have all made you horribly jealous. I shall feed off the heat of your jealousy once the weather turns cold and I'm stuck shivering with four jumpers (sweaters) on. Also, these pictures should really inspire you to come and see the real thing, since I love visitors. :)


  1. You should be inspired to take up jogging...that's the beach where Chariots of Fire was filmed! ;D I promise that I will at some point come and visit you :)

  2. That is beautiful. Especially the sky. And the blue door. :)