About Me

I am Elanor Lawrence, aspiring YA author, English major, and wannabe world traveller. I’m nearly twenty years old, and just finished my third year at Western University in Ontario. Currently, I live with my family in Prince Edward Island, but in the fall I’m heading off on exchange to study at St. Andrew’s in Scotland. My future plans currently involve an outrageous amount of time in school leading up to a well-paying job as an English professor, hopefully with successful careers as a famous playwright and YA novelist on the side.

(And while we’re making up wish lists, how about a TARDIS, too? Thanks, Santa.)

On a more serious note, God is the most important thing in my life. I try to do everything for him, and while I often fail at that, I pray that he will use me for His glory. This blog is part of my effort to live for him; everything I write on here will be from a Christian perspective. My book/movie/music reviews will all have a section dealing especially with the religious themes in the art. While I will try to be understanding of other people’s views, I will not compromise my beliefs.

I’ve been blogging (ir)regularly now for a bit over two years, and I think I’ve settled into a comfortable niche. I love blogging about all things YA, from book reviews to writing tips, but I also love talking about classics or literature in general. Recently, when I spent a month in Quebec learning French, I discovered that I enjoy blogging about my travel experiences, so you can expect a lot more travel posts in fall, when I head off to Scotland. On the whole, though, the focus of this blog is writing.

Finally, I love comments! Whether you have a question, some info to add, or just want to chat, drop me a line in the comments box, or email me at elanor_gamgee [at] yahoo [dot] ca.

Thanks for reading,