Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day 97: Kitchen Disaster

So, this happened the other night:

I was calmly making fish and chips (like any good imitation-British person ought to do) and FaceTimeing with my friend Alex. The fish and chips were in the pan, which was in the oven, and all was going as planned. The chips were nice and crispy, the fish was sizzling, and I was hungry.

So I took the pan out of the oven and placed it on the stove top to let it cool off for a second.

Only, it didn't cool off. The fish just started sizzling even louder.

Just as I realized that I had placed the pan on top of the element which lets the heat escape from the oven.... the pan exploded.

Looking back, it's actually quite funny, though I admit it shocked me at the time. I gave a little shriek and Alex was wondering what in the world was wrong and there was smoke rising up from the stove and there was my poor pan split into half a dozen pieces and my fish and chips spread out across the stovetop.

I managed to open a window before the smoke alarms went off, rescued my poor fish and chips, and reassured Alex that I wasn't in the middle of a major catastrophe.

Now I need to go buy a new baking pan. But the lesson has been learned: never place anything on the bottom left stove element when the oven is on!

P. S. I'm almost done going through my London photos, and I've got a good start on my Dublin ones, so I should hopefully have those posts up soon!

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  1. I learned a similar lesson with a glass baking dish...only it shattered into a million pieces across the kitchen, into the hall and through the dining room! Sometimes....we just need to learn our lessons the hard way. ;)