Saturday, August 31, 2013

Two Days Left

Apparently I’m leaving in two days.

Two days.

In 48 hours I’ll be on a plane over the Atlantic ocean, and in 72 hours I should have arrived in the town that’ll be my home for the next year.

That’s not terrifying at all…

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous, and scared, and just really didn’t want to go. Sometimes I think I’d give anything to just get to stay here with my family and my friends and the country that I’ve always called home. But then I realize that no one is forcing me to go, that I could just drop out of the exchange and go back to King’s or UPEI or just sit in my room and read…

But I’m not doing that. That’s not an option. Because no matter how terrifying it is to leave my country, it’s still something I’ve dreamed of doing all my life. It’s an adventure, and there is absolutely no way I could ever back out.

So, really, I’m not terrified. Pre-departure jitters, sure, that sometimes end up feeling a bit like real fear. But they’re not, because I know everything will be alright, and I know I’ll have a fantastic time, and, as much as I love everything here, I really won’t miss it all that much when I’m gone.

Last night, to try and get myself in the mood, I looked through the catalogue of Fresher’s Week (orientation week) events for St. Andrew’s and picked out the ones I’m interested in attending. There’s everything from choosing courses to fireworks to drama workshops to pub nights… So much to do, and I have absolutely no idea how I’ll have the energy for it all, but it sure sounds fantastic.

Everything else is pretty much set. I have housing, and flights, and funding, and all the big important things are taken care of. Of course, once I get to St. Andrew’s I have to set up a bank account and get a phone and order my coursebooks and all that kind of thing, but for now there’s nothing more I can do.

Now is the calm before the storm. Two last days of PEI before my world changes forever…

That might just be a little overly dramatic. But I am a writer—dramatic is what I do. And right now nothing looms larger in my mind than Monday morning…

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  1. Rachel, I didn't get to the URC yesterday to be able to wish you well. :( So, here will have to do! Blessings and God's protection on your journey! Enjoy St. Andrew's and come back with good stories! :)