Friday, July 8, 2011

My first blog award!

 A huge thank you to Kelly of Ink and Green Tea for giving me the 'Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award.' I think what I'm supposed to do for this award is give seven facts about myself... let's see how this goes.

1- I just chose my courses for the fall in university, and they include one on fantasy and one on totalitarianism. I'm just that cool.

2- I've just decided to read 20 of Shakespeare's best-known plays over the summer. Supposedly, it's because I love Shakespeare. The real reason is because I'm trying to read a hundred books this year and Shakespeare is nice and short.

3- I'm really not Irresistibly Sweet at all. In fact, I'm probably a fair bit nicer online than I am in person.

4- I absolutely love Lord of the Rings and Doctor Who. Fantasy and Sci-fi for the win!

5-  In contrast to the previous fact, I have never read or watched Harry Potter, and I'm not a huge fan of Star Wars.

6- My novel, SIMULATE (formerly called The Web) is currently at 56k, but I haven't written in at least a week. *gasp!*

6- I am a total geek/nerd/super-cool-person, just so you know. :P

7- Yes, there were two '6' facts. But there are only seven facts because this one doesn't count.


  1. Haha! I love the reason you're reading Shakespeare, :)

  2. Congratulations-this is a huge deal!