Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May Review

Wow... it's June already. We're almost halfway through 2011! That's just crazy. It's not the best June day out there, a little dark and overcast, but we've had some really nice days recently, so I can't complain. PEI is always really cold in the spring.

Since my Shakespeare class got a little behind (thanks to a midterm and Victoria Day weekend) I won't be posting about a classic this week. Instead I'll do a really quick May Review.

Followers: 53 (up from 43)

Pageviews: 1241 (down from 1800 last month, but a lot of those views were from the poll at the side)

Day with the most pageviews: May 8th

Most viewed page: How to get Published 4: Querying

Website that referred the most views:

Country with the most views: US

Again, those last two categories are pretty constant. A lot of my views come from inkpop, and most of those users live in the states. A big shout -out to my new followers: Thank you! I'm so honoured that all of you stop by regularly to read my book reviews and writing and advice and just plain ramblings. 

I'm thinking of having a book giveaway whenever I reach 100 followers. The book would be either the first two Pretty Little Liars books (Sara Shepard), Crescendo (Becca Fitzpatrick), or Hereafter (Tara Hudson). I'm not actually a big fan of these books, but I know a lot of you will probably love them, so I figure I might as well pass them on to someone who will appreciate them, right? 

So. Giveaway at 100 followers. At my current rate, that'll be another five months. But you guys can make it happen a lot faster..


  1. It's June! Ohmygosh, it's June. It feels like just a few weeks ago was New Year's. Looks like a beautiful day outside =)
    Congrats about the followers and everything (=
    Hope you have a great 1st day of June!

  2. I dunno, you might get followers a little bit faster (hopefully) cause you just won my Blogger of the Month thingy!

    PS: Did I like...not make you a button when I redesigned your blog? Huh. I'll have to do that. xD