Saturday, November 23, 2013

Day 83: London!

I'm in London right now.

I've actually gotten used to that fact. While I've only been here for three days, it feels like much longer because so much has happened. I've seen three west end shows, photographed most of the major London landmarks, and met a number of the doctor who cast and crew. Currently, I'm sitting in Subway (yeah, I know, I should be at a proper British fish and chips place, but I've spent all my money on show tickets so I have none left for food...) and killing time until the Doctor Who fiftieth anniversary special airs.

It'll be odd to watch Doctor Who in Britain. It's just such a part of the culture here, and I bet the place will be humming with excitement. Also, I'm going to a cinema at Leicester square, which is just down the road from Trafalgar Square, where the filmed a scene for the episode (the doctor hanging out of the tardis).  It'll be so cool to watch the show so close to where it was filmed.

So far, my time here has been phenomenal. I've been looking forward to visiting London for virtually my entire life, and I still can't believe I'm actually here. I've also been jumping from thing to thing so quickly, often catching two shows in a day and sightseeing in between, that it's all become a glorious blur. I keep messaging my friends back home saying 'I just saw Rupert Grint!' or 'waiting for the 'Wicked' curtain to go up!' or 'here's Big Ben!' Life is so fantastic right now.

In a few days I'll write up a couple blog posts about each day-- this trip is just too full to fit all in one blog post. I'm not going to start writing those posts until I get back to St. Andrews on Monday, because I need a bit of time to just sit back and digest what's happened. One of the downsides about running around London for twelve hours a day is that it doesn't leave much time for reflection! It'll be a couple days before I can properly evaluate this trip.

For now, I'm going to post this blog (without edits, so if there are mistakes, my apologies!) and head off into the excitement of London. The streets around here are covered in Christmas lights and flashing billboards--- it's like a carnival. I think I'll just stroll around for the next half hour, taking in the scene, until it's time to head to the cinema for the big show...

(Here's a grainy iPad shot of the amphitheatre at the Doctor Who convention yesterday. I'll post more photos once I get back to St. Andrews and can put my camera's pictures on my laptop)


  1. Your bestest friend in the whole wide world: LauraNovember 23, 2013 at 11:06 AM

    You're not a real Londoner if you call it a subway not the tube!

  2. But.. I was in Subway, not the subway. As in, I was eating a submarine sandwich, rather than waiting for a subterranean train.

    1. oh. That makes more sense....

  3. I love your blog, it's so personal. Inspired me to make mine more so. Visit me digitally or in the real world if you're ever in the midlands. It's funny how exotic you find England, when all I want to do is go to North America :)