Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day 49: Life is (possibly) Under Control

Apparently I haven't blogged in over two weeks. Whoops.... I have a good excuse (two essays and the bothersome vocab test) but I still should have updated a little more frequently.

To that end, I think I'll start allowing myself to write some shorter posts from time to time. Often enough there are little topics I want to mention but they're really not important enough to expand into a five hundred word blog post, so they don't get written about at all. Also, when I force myself to write a lengthy post each time, I end up not blogging whenever I get busy... So, all that to say that you may get shorter posts more frequently. :)

At the moment I'm down in south-west Scotland, visiting Hannah again. We haven't done a whole lot, but tonight Hannah's hosting a fancy dress party (that's British for 'costume party') where everyone comes as one of their favourite fictional characters. It's also going to be a murder mystery... I'm going as Eowyn, despite the fact that I look nothing like her. She's just such an awesome character that I wasn't going to let my short dark hair stop me...

In other news, as the title of this post suggests, my busiest time of term has ended. I handed in my essays last Monday and wrote the vocab test on Thursday. I can't really relax, because other deadlines are coming up all too quickly, but I can ease out of panic mode.

If there's one thing the past few weeks have taught me, it's the importance of time management. I hadn't realized how much time I wasted every day just puttering around the house or on my computer. I'd get back home from rehearsal at 9pm and then spend the rest of the evening on facebook without even noticing. However, when crunch time came, I realized that the hour before bed could be used for doing half of my readings for the week, leaving the next morning much freer.

I want to start making time for people. Yes, I've been going to plenty of events, but whenever someone asked me to hang out I'd tell them I was too busy. I want to be able to get my school work done on time so I can actually invest in people's lives. Procrastination hasn't just been hurting me-- it's been ruining my ability to be a friend.

My half term goal, then, is to be more efficient in my work so that I can focus on relationships. I don't want to look back on this year and see all the times I pressed the snooze button rather than heading off to early morning prayer meeting, or the hours I scrolled through instagram rather than going for a walk with friends. I want this to be a year where I make connections, with friends, with professors, with God...  and I'm going to start by taking back my wasted time.

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