Saturday, June 1, 2013

Explore Day 22: The Awesomeness of Brooke, the Sweet Sarcasm of Grace, the Cunning of Julia, and Why Ellen should Die in a Hole.

More than a little windswept- but made it to the
top of Cap Tourmente!

Apologies for the post title. My friends wanted to be internet famous, so I’m trying to do my best to accommodate. :)

Day 22. I arrived exactly three weeks ago, and will be leaving in exactly two. Everyone’s started to realize that our time’s almost up, and that five weeks—which seemed so long when we first got here—is really not enough time to do everything we wanted.

St. Anne de Beaupre
It’s kind of depressing how just as I start really enjoying myself, just as classes start seeming manageable and I find a great group of friends, I start realizing just how short five weeks really is. I’ve only been to Old Quebec four times, and haven’t done some of the big touristy things, like visiting the citadel. I’m going to have to make a list of everything I still need to do, to make the most of my last two weeks.

Enough moping—time to mention some of the fun stuff I’ve been doing. Today has been pretty lazy, as I decided, for once, to sleep in, or to “fais la grasse matinĂ©e” as the Quebecois call it. I was supposed to go hiking today, but it’s raining, and I really needed a rest day, so I traded my place to someone in my class. Instead, I’ve been doing laundry, and my room is now covered with wet clothes hanging almost literally everywhere. I’m hoping they dry, considering the humidity has been ridiculously high recently.

The picture doesn't even come close.
The end of this week has been extremely hot (28 degrees Celsius, but feeling like 35 with humidity), but last week was a polar opposite. I went hiking (randonĂ©e) at Cap Tourmente, which I’m sure is a beautiful spot, but it was so cold that we had snow and hail, and the wind was so strong that we only spent about a minute at the top before heading back down into the shelter of the trees. We also visited the basilica St. Anne de Beaupre on our way back, which was absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately, there was a wedding in the church that day, so we could only stand awkwardly in the back for a few minutes before running off to enjoy the many tacky tourist traps around it.

I had a ton of tests this week, which cut down on the fun stuff significantly, but I did have time to run down to Old Quebec for supper on Wednesday, which I mentioned in a previous blog post. Yesterday, my friends and I headed down to Old Quebec to do some window shopping and have dinner. It was sort of a post-midterm stress-reliever, and somehow I managed to eat a plate of mussels that was bigger than I was, and still get rather buzzed after just one cocktail. Whoops…
Omnomnomnom mussels. :)

At this point, it’s early afternoon, and I have to head off to a 25th anniversary party at the church around supper, so I should probably stop treating today as a lazy Saturday and get to work on some of my devoir. I also have to do some editing for Divine Debutantes magazine (did I mention that I’m not just a columnist anymore; I’m also an editorial intern???) and should maybe consider cleaning my room.

Au revoir, peeps. 


  1. YAY :D (from the Sweet Sarcasm of Grace;))

  2. Rachel, I can so imagine that you are feeling the five weeks are going much to fast and that there is still so much to see and do. However, that is a whole lot better than wishing the five weeks would just come to an end ;)
    As to "doing everything", there is a good chance you will be passing through Quebec City again. It is a great place to stop on the way from PEI to Ontario or the other way around ;) I have lost count of the number of times we have done that. Too bad you couldn't spend more time in the Basilica St. Anne De Beaupre. It is beautiful, isn't it? Did you go to the panorama of Jerusalem next door?
    Enjoy your last two weeks and don't try to cram them to full. Rather, savour the moments. :)