Monday, May 13, 2013

A Little Switcheroo

Once again, I interrupt this blog's regularly scheduled programming of (well) nothing, to bring you an announcement. I intend to start blogging a little more often.

Yes, I've said that before, and it hasn't happened. But this time I actually have something to blog about, rather than simply clogging up your blogger feeds with more posts on  how to 'Show, not Tell' or 'create great characters.' I'm currently at Laval University in Quebec City, (Quebec, Canada) as party of the Explore French Immersion program. This means that I'll be spending five weeks in a French city, speaking nothing but French (supposedly....). 

I realize that my experience learning French doesn't seem to have much to do with writing, so it doesn't quite fit on a blog mainly meant for YA authors. However, the experiences I'm having are so relevant to writers. I'm living in a new culture, being thrown into a new language, and meeting tons of new people. I'm navigating residence life for the first time, and adjusting to being almost completely on my own in a new city.

As writers, we describe characters in extraordinary circumstances. To do that, we have to step out of our comfort zones ourselves, leaving our cozy little writing nooks and getting out into the world. This blog, for the next five weeks, will be the story of a little English major thrown into a world of French. Enjoy! :)

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