Thursday, August 4, 2011

July Review

Wow. I can't believe that July is over already. That's just crazy. It's exactly three weeks until I leave, meaning that I have just three weeks to hang out with my friends, to finish my novel and to pack up my entire life. I can't exactly say that I'm not a little scared, but I'm also super excited. I'll be sure to keep blogging about all the cool things I'm doing as I move out.

For now, it's time for a little July Review:

 Followers: 67 (up from 63... Com'on guys, you can do better than that! It's gonna be a long time until the 100 followers giveaway at this rate.)

 Pageviews: 2300 (Down from 2700, and I'm still getting a lot of google images searches)

 Day with the most pageviews: July 31st

 Most viewed page: How to get Published 3: Revisions (this is the second month in a row it's been popular. Anyone know why?)

Website that referred the most views: Google

Country with the most views: US with 600 (Canada was pretty close with 450)

Keywords people googled to get to my blog:
gulliver's travels
gullivers travels
mystery novel pov dead girl
(and many others, but these were the best I could find at the moment)

All in all, it was a fairly good month on the blog, since I finally managed to get back to posting regularly. While my number of followers didn't really go up, my views were still okay. Also, my twitter account has been really growing; it almost doubled in July!

So, thanks to all you lovely blog followers. It's wonderful to actually have people who are reading my writing. I hope you find my posts interesting or informative. Just remember that I always love getting comments, and even if I don't directly respond to them, you should know that they make my day. Thanks so much for reading, and supporting me in this transition time in my life.

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