Saturday, April 9, 2011

University is Done

University is done.

Well, not quite. My last exam is on Tuesday, so I’m spending the weekend studying really hard. I wasn’t happy with my marks on the midterms, so I want a really good final. But aside from that, everything else is done. My other exam was on Wednesday and I think it went pretty well. Right now, a portfolio, an essay, a research paper and my journal entries are sitting in the English office at UPEI, ready to get picked up. All together, those are worth 135% of my mark (spread over two courses.) I’ll probably go pick them up on Monday, and I know I’ll be nervous.

It feels a little strange to be finished. For the past three months (and especially these last two weeks) University has been my life. I wrote three midterms, twenty-one journal entries, three 1000-word essays, and three drafts of a 3000 word research paper. I read several new poems, short stories and plays, and two famous epic poems (Paradise Lost and the Aeneid.) I’ve been really busy.

But now that is over. The crazy busyness is done until September. My friends who are in school are all a little jealous since they have three months left (well, it’s closer to two now). I suppose I should be really excited, and in a way I am. It feels nice not to have so much work. But, in a way, I feel a little lost. There’s nothing urgent to keep me going, no deadlines, so marks to fret over. It’s not like I’ll be bored, not with a novel to edit, another one to write, and a couple million books to read. I just won’t feel as busy. There won’t be deadlines constantly pushing me on. I won’t have to do anything.

As much as I hate the feeling of needing to hand in an essay at the end of the week (and still not knowing what to write!), I think I enjoy working under pressure. At very least, I get things done. It’s going to be a bit of a battle to make sure I actually do anything writing-related this summer. Wish me luck!

As for all my loyal blog readers: what are your big plans this summer? Will you be reading? Writing? Working? On vacation? I’d love to hear what you guys have planned for the summer! 


  1. That sounds like my high school. haha! *falls over* I know you're glad to be done!

    As for summer, I don't have any plans. Never really do. :P Probably will just read and work like usual. haha!

  2. Lucky, you're in college??!! I'm stuck in high school (freshman).
    I'm going to camp this summer, and swimming, and watching my sister swim, going to camp again, swimming and watching my sister swim. It's pretty much an infinite loop :))
    -Jocee <3

  3. Reading and swimming... have fun, guys! I'll probably do a lot of that, but more waitressing than anything else... :\